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Do you have the pic of Olivia in uniform from believe benson. The one they used to pin up on the board of Lewis's targets.

Was it this one?

Not that I wasn’t paying attention to the episode, but my Wednesday was quite long and memory is bad haha


work wife/home wife

i can totally see this being a thing.

*ducks incoming stones*


Do You Ever Get a Gay Vibe from Me? (Part V: Season 6, Episode 20)

“We just want to be sure all our members are height-weight proportional”

“And you definitely pass that test.”


Do You Get A Gay Vibe From Me? (Part IV: Season 5, Episode 3)

“You might want to spruce up a little bit for court.”

(I don’t know it was probably just me, but she gave Olivia a once over there.  Count it.)

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